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Welcome to the Piggy Public API documentation.

The Piggy Public API allows clients to enable third parties to integrate with Piggy Loyalty. If you need help please let us know at, we're ready to help and usually respond within a day. You can also connect with us through Slack, where we have an external tech channel, and on which we respond usually in a matter of minutes. If you want to join us on Slack, please send us a request via email. Good luck!


Piggy is a versatile system with endless possibilities, used by a multitude of different companies (henceforth referred to as Piggy Clients or simply: Clients). Local bakeries, web shops, franchises, corporations; Piggy Clients come in all sizes and forms.

Some of our Clients use our system for their rewards system only, others just for the giftcards or our automated marketing, but most use a combination of our tools. Some Clients use Devices - i.e. a tablet or smartphone running our Business App - whilst others only use Piggy online or through integration. And then there are Clients using our software to serve their customers, whilst others using our software to build an employee loyalty system, or even both. Therefore, flexibility is a corner stone of the Piggy system. Any integrating partners are requested to keep this flexibility in mind when building on our API and to try and keep their integration as open possible.

As this flexibility results in a complex system, we also urge developers to thoroughly read our documentation and guides before getting started. We suggest to start with reading about our Entities and their relations, then take it from there. That said, let's get to it.