The Piggy Marketing system allows Piggy Merchants to create personalised Marketing campaigns. In our Marketing system, our three main products (Loyalty, Giftcards and Marketing) can come together, bringing out the full power of the Piggy system.


Our Marketing system is where it all comes together. Members saving credits in a Loyalty program can automatically be synced to the Marketing program. Using our Marketing tool, claimable staged credit receptions or digital Giftcards can then be sent to these Members using Marketing Campaigns.

As a synchronise functionality is already available in the Business Dashboard, through which all new Loyalty Members may be synced to a Marketing Program, an additional Marketing integration might not be necessary. However, some Piggy Merchants only use the Marketing system, without Loyalty. Or, they might use Loyalty, but also want to add those customers to their Marketing program who do not wish to participate in the Loyalty program. Whatever the reason, using our Marketing API, Marketing programs can be filled up however one likes.

Data & Privacy

Please keep in mind the laws concerning data and privacy. They may differ for each country, so try to get up to speed on the local laws. For instance, in The Netherlands, customers may be added to marketing programs once a payment relationship has been established (providing a opt-out option has been added in each campaign). In Germany, laws are more strict, and an opt-in needs to be implemented.

So, please get familiar with the laws in the country (or countries) where you or your clients are operating.