Apps & Dashboards

Several apps and dashboard are used by customers and Piggy Merchants. For Piggy Merchants, there are our so-called Piggy Store Apps - both for Android and iOS - and the web based Business Dashboard. Piggy Customers use either our Piggy Customer App - also both for Android and iOS - or the web based Customer Dashboard.

Piggy Merchants

Piggy Store App

Piggy Merchants can use our Piggy Store App, usually in their physical stores. The Piggy Store App is available for both iOS and Android, and both for tablet and smartphone. The Store App is a relatively simple application, any customisation is done in the Business Dashboard. On it, customers may collect credits, redeem rewards and increment and decrement giftcards.

The Piggy Store App can be downloaded in the App Store or the Google Play Store . After downloading the Piggy Store App, you'll need to link it to your Account. Go to the Business Dashboard, then Management, then In-Store Management, and then Devices. Create a Link Token and enter it on your device.


The Business Dashboard is the brains of the operation. Piggy Merchants use it to do virtually everything to do with the Piggy systems. Most of the entities required to build and test an integration can be created here. All of the settings associated with our programs can also be found here. Details on how to create each of the entities can be found on the Entities page.



While it is not required to create a Customer account to start collecting points and claiming rewards with Piggy, end-users can do so to enhance their Piggy experience. They can then use our Piggy Customer App, where they can set their preferences, fill their profile and discover other Piggy Merchants. As a digital Loyalty Card can be created on here, it's all they need. They can, however, still choose to use a physical Loyalty Card and the web-based Customer Dashboard, and leave aside the app altogether.

The Piggy Customer App can be downloaded in the App Store or the


The Customer Dashboard is a bit of stripped down version of the Customer App. The core functions are still in here though. A Customer account can be created here as well.